BraaiMaster SA is a proud company from Namibia and focused in the Garden Route in South Africa. We are classified as a Meat Deli and have more than 120 meat products.

Wiekus Jooste born 15 July 1969 is the founder of BriaaMaster. After having his own butcheries and more than 30 years of experience in the field, Wiekus thought it was time to upgrade his profession. His focus is to be different than all the other butcheries with a very high standard and quality range of products. This was the beginning of BraaiMaster in Walvisbaai Namibia February 2019. BraaiMaster is classified as a meat Deli and has a range of more than 150 different products. From 20 different kind of sausages to delicatessen and kebabs and many more.

GJ Maree from the Garden Route RSA met up with Wiekus later that year to become a partner and to take the business to a new level by expanding the business and franchising to South Africa.